Asynchronous experiments, unlike most survey systems, can advance program the behaviour of each of the survey screens, but managing the course of the survey itself is simple.

We want to use a ready-to-use asynchronous experiment [as an example, please download the experiment Try to fool the tax officer v 0.9 (Example of a simple poll)]. After copying, we have the experiment menu available. We can also go from the platform’s main page to this menu.

By clicking in the appropriate field, you can: modify the name of the session and the last part of the session’s link and open the QR code of the session.

The list shows the treatments in the experiment. You can choose which treatments you want to run. Click Start all or Start list if we want to run chosen treatments.
You can stop the session.

To test the experiment, copy the link to a new browser window. It will be a login page (if you declare such an option). After logging in, you can participate in the experiment as a tester.

If you are pleased with the experiment, send the link to the students or display the QR code during the class. You can find the session’s expiry date in the session menu (it is the default deadline, but you can stop the session and you can open a new one at any time). You can find information about the participants and their progress on the bottom table of the session menu. Platform write results with a small delay. You can find the results by clicking the tab Results. Data can be uploaded for each treatment (preferred) or for the whole experiment as a csv file.

To be continued in detail later …